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Here are all of LA's strip clubs, sorted by nudity level and neighborhood. Or maybe they Hot wings! Nudity level: Topless.

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We think. And with an active Instagram account , you can get a preview of the, ahem, coming attractions. Nudity level: Fully nude. East LA Food: No Booze: Yes Remember that dude you heard about who converted a run-down bar into a not-as-run-down strip club by adding lots of mirrors, red lightbulbs, and a small stage with a pole?

Yeah, his name was Nicola. Los Feliz Food: No Booze: Yes Definitely the "fanciest" of the bikini-clad pole-dancing joints, Cheetahs offers just enough grit and just enough polish to convince your visiting cousin that you live an edgy, yet respectable life in the big city.

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Nudity level: Bikini bar. Lennox Food: Yes Booze: No Oh, so you happen to have time before your flight at LAX and want to grab a burger or a steak while watching lots of nakedness?

Northern – Club Northern

Stop in from pm on Fridays for a weekly rotating buffet and non stop dancing on the stage. Go to Full Month Calendar. Cherry Pop. Jessica Rabbit. Sunny new. Onyx new. Sapphire new. Daphne new. Kendra new.

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Fendi new. Buffet Dancer Serenity. Buffet Dancer Nicole. Buffet Dancer Xena. Buffet Dancer Kennedy. Buffet Dancer Daphne new.

Buffet Dancer Opal. Buffet Dancer Gia. Buffet Dancer Lily. Buffet Dancer Layna. Ladies Night Free cover for ladies. Buffet Dancers. Or, opt for a red G-string with a red lace bodysuit over it. Select items that will be easy to undo on stage. For example, instead of zippers and buttons, go with items that have snaps and Velcro closures.

Wear sheer pieces to incorporate some teasing into your routine. Sheer items will add a teasing element to your routine, since the audience will be able to see your skin through the pieces but not fully make out all the details.

Magic Myke Amateur Strip Night

Look for sheer tops, dresses, bras, and panties and choose 1 or more sheer items to wear. Wear non-slip shoes that you can walk in easily. Make sure that you select a pair of shoes that you can walk in easily and that make you feel sexy. You can wear high heels, boots, or whatever type of shoe you want. These usually have rubber bottoms that will provide extra traction on stage. Do your hair and makeup to make yourself look sexy and stand out. You know what hairstyle and makeup looks work best for you, but a few simple strategies may help you to stand out more.

Some things you might want to try on the night of your dance routine include: Wearing fake eyelashes to make your eyes appear larger. This will make your lips instantly noticeable, which can help when the judges think back on your routine. Styling your hair loose and wavy so it looks like you just rolled out of bed. This will give you a sexy, tousled look. Getting or giving yourself a manicure and pedicure.

Apply a bright-colored or sparkly polish on your fingers and toes for an eye-catching detail. Method 3. Choose a stage name that will grab the attention of the judges. Instead, opt for a sexy sounding name that also seems like it could be your real name. This will help to protect your privacy and it will make customers less likely to ask you for your real name. Looking bored or unhappy during your routine is the least sexy thing you can do. This will increase your odds of winning and make you seem a lot more confident.


This will help you to remember to smile. Make eye contact with the audience when you dance. Making eye contact demonstrates confidence and this is sexy! Look out at the audience while you dance to show that you are confident in yourself. Avoid looking at the ground or all around the room. Lock eyes with individual people for a few seconds at a time during your dance routine.

End your routine with a pole trick or pose. Your last move is your grand finale, so make it interesting and memorable! Try saving a pole trick for the last part of your routine, or do an elaborate dance move as you remove your last item of clothing. Tip : Make sure to practice your grand finale move so that it looks great when you do it.

Jezebels - Amateur Night

No, not if you do not want to. Wear little or as much as you want. It all depends on what you want to look like onstage. Yes No. Not Helpful 2 Helpful It depends on the club. If you show everything, it increases your chances of winning, but you don't have to get completely nude if you don't want to. Not Helpful 7 Helpful It is your decision, but if you do take off your panties, they should come off last.

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Your stockings and suspender belt should come off first. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 7. Kylee Halbin. You can remove as many clothes as you want, if you leave them wanting more that might make the judges pick you. You could if you really want to, but be careful because the rules are different for clubs, depending on what state you are in, and what country too.

Some allow full nudity, while others only allow topless. Not Helpful 4 Helpful Do I have to have sex with the customers?