Army Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures ATTP 4-02 Army Health System

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Add to Wishlist. USD Buy Online, Pick up in Store is currently unavailable, but this item may be available for in-store purchase. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Army transformation resulted in an institutional shift in how leaders view, approach, and manage the effects of Soldier health, readiness, and resilience. Commanders are responsible to establish and maintain an environment that encourages holistic efforts from leaders, Soldiers and Family to improve health, readiness, and resilience.

AR is a consolidation of standards for service delivery in the Army Community Service Center, the Office of Army Volunteer Corps Coordinator, and organizations accepting voluntary services.

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This regulation prescribes the policies and responsibilities for establishing and operating an Army Community Service ACS center that integrates all active, guard, and reserve components' Family Support Systems. This creates predictability of services and enhances the delivery and quality of services. Expands the scope of Family Support Systems beyond center-based services.

Uses alternative service delivery options, such as Web sites and other strategies to reac.. This regulation provides standards for receiving, processing, safeguarding, and disposing of physical evidence acquired by special agents, investigative assistants, and evidence custodians of the U. The standards set by this regulation also apply to Army counterintelligence CI agents collecting and processing evidence by authority of AR Evidence handling with the U.

Army Bands. Army Bands, is the key doctrinal publication of Army bands. It outlines the fundamental principles of employing Army bands and provides an overview of operational considerations and the internal structure of Army bands. With the approval of the Force Design Update in May , Army bands created small, flexible, and mobile teams designed to be capable of concurrent performances that reach more Soldiers in more locations globally. Army bands historically employed separate groups and ensembles from within the full band; current doctrine formalizes the practice.

Medical Evacuation (MEDEVAC) (documentary)

This modular design adjusts quantities of equ.. This field manual FM provides information on the mission, organization, and responsibilities for preventive medicine PVNTMED support operations throughout the operational continuum. It is directed toward the commanders at all levels of deployment, their staffs, the command surgeons, the PVNTMED planning staffs at the Army, joint, combined, allied, and coalition staff levels, and to the individual soldier and unit leaders on their role in the application of preventive medicine measures PMM. It further defines each staff element of PVNTMED and lists the functions, capabilities, and management requirements associated with each.

It provides procedures for dire..

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Scope This document provides commanders and staffs with general information and technical data concerning chemical biological CB agents and other compounds of military interest such as toxic industrial chemicals TIC. It explains the use; classification; and physical, chemical, and physiological properties of these agents and compounds. Users of this manual are nuclear, biological, and chemical NBC chemical, biological, and radiological CBR staff officers, NBC noncommissioned officers NCOs , staff weather officers SWOs , NBC medical defense officers, medical readiness officers, medical intelligence officers, field medical treatment officers, and others..

This rapid action revision, dated 11 May includes the complete and full version of AR from 3 February , with the required changes published on 11 May This publication provides joint doctrine for the planning and execution of US logistics in support of the Armed Forces of the United States during multinational operations. The purpose of this publication is to expand upon the general logistic guidance contained in Joint Publication JP , Multinational Operations, and to provide detailed guidance to US commanders and logisticians involved with providing or receiving logistic support during multinational operations.

Army Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures ATTP 4-02 Army Health System

Throughout this publication, the term "multinational" encompasses operations that may also be referred to as "allied," "alliance," "bilateral," "combined," "multilateral," or "coalition. Field Manual Shipboard Operations June This manual describes the tactics, techniques, and procedures for use by Army aviation units during operations from Navy and Coast Guard ships. It is written to reflect peacetime operations that may transition into warfighting execution and assumes that the deployment of Army helicopters is the result of careful presail planning.

This manual is intended for commanders, staffs, aircrews, and instructors. It will be used to coordinate, plan, execute, and teach shipboard operations. Along with Navy publications, it provides information for developing a standardized, progressive program to train crews to proficiency on shipboard operations.

Appendixes A through F pr..

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The Purpose: Supervisors of officers can use this manual to evaluate an officer's performance on the job. Captains and Lieutenants and can use this manual as a reference when performing their job on a daily basis. The Mission: The mission of the Signal Corps is to provide rapid and reliable information to support the command and control C2 of the Army's combat forces during both peace and war.

Intelligence and Security Doctrine

Civilian Inmate Labor Program 14 January Army Bands 14 December AR Opposing Force Program 9 April Intelligence Support to Capability Development 26 January Civil Disturbances 21 April Antiterrorism Program. Personnel Recovery 5 March AR Conscientious Objection 21 August AR AE PAM Communications Security Custodian Guide 2 May PAM The U.

Army in Bosnia and Herzegovina 7 October Military Intelligence 1 August The Army June FM Brevity , June FM Religious Support January FM Army Aviation , July FM Fundamentals of Flight May FM Psychological Operations , April now obsolete: FM Psychological Operations , August FM