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Chapter is a virtually unknown proverb that has been hidden far too long. The Teacher says. It is another verse in Ecclesiastes that I want to share with you today however. Chapter is probably familiar to everyone and yet very few truly understand what Solomon is saying. There are two points to this sermon.

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What does this mean? How should we apply this verse to our lives?

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First, What does this mean? Try to imagine someone throwing bread upon some water. It could be a pond, pool, or even a lake. At first, it seems innocent enough and even harmless. Maybe the person is feeding some fish or there are some cute ducks nearby and the bread-feeding is a nice picture of serenity and giving. OK, that sounds plausible. We like it.

Be nice and throw some bread to the poor fish and birds once in a while. Or an even more important question would be, why would you want to find it again?

Cast thy bread upon the waters

Have you ever tried eating wet and soggy bread? The context of this verse is a warning to be ready. And in order to be prepared you will want to cast your bread upon the waters. What possible protection or preparation would throwing bread on water provide? There are two sides to the interpretation of our text that will help us understand how throwing bread on water will provide protection for the future. The first is the practice of giving. If you have some bread, which is a metaphor for stuff of value, whether it is money or possessions, you should learn to give it away.

Cast Thy Bread Upon The Waters

The picture in the Hebrew language is to have open hands rather than clenched fists. With open hands you give away some of your valued money or possession. Generosity is the key. And the reason for casting your bread on water is to let it go. Just toss it out, give it away, be generous without being obsessed where it is going. You know how this works.

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Even if we are generous enough to give we still want to make sure we know everything about where it is going. Do the recipients deserve the gift, are they doing their part, are they a legitimate cause, are they expressing enough thanks, and do they know we are the ones who gave them this gift? Solomon says be generous and give as if you are throwing bread upon the waters.

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Then he adds, after you do this watch for the blessings. When you give in the true spirit of giving it will come back to you. We have all experienced this. You did something nice and shortly afterwards something unexpectedly happens to bless you. On one occasion he was invited to a golf tournament and as a participant he was given a sleeve of very nice golf balls. He was tempted to keep them but he knew his partner preferred that brand over all others.

Out of the goodness of his heart he gave this sleeve of three golf balls to his friend. Half way into the tournament this same golfer had the drive of his life and won the closest to the center-line contest. His reward, one dozen of his favorite golf balls.

Cast Thy Bread Upon the Waters: A Novel

And yet the principle is real. The proverb is telling us, be generous, give, and God will bless. Another interpretation of the meaning of our text is similar to the first but a little deeper. The first simply looks at the necessity of giving and being generous. Often when the crop was ready for market the farmer would gather his grain and search for potential buyers.

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If local markets were not viable he would hire a sea merchant who would bring the grain to other ports. Collins, appears on page She highlighted the role her workplace played in helping some of the passengers that landed in Gander during the Sept. Her story was published in the online version of Canadian Living Magazine, March Her story was one of 10 that were selected from submissions across Canada.

Collins with a laugh. One of them, Pat Parsons, wrote a testimony that appeared on the back of my book; and the girl who wrote the forward, Jennifer Payne, is a teacher here and she also did my artwork. My oldest daughter, Sandra Clarke, was a big source for inspiration to me. Collins often turned to him for guidance on writing, publishing, and marketing.

Cast one's bread upon the waters.

Marion Quinton Brake, a Gander author who also self published a few books, also gave Ms. Collins some help during her first-ever attempt at self publishing a novel. I love writing, I love reading, and I really enjoy public speaking. Did she get a good home? Did she ever find out who here parents were? Hurricane Hattie Robert Walks Ernest and Andrew The Curse of Liquor Wildfire A New Prayer Sandra Cooks Michael Anthony Answered Prayer Those Girls!

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