Crossing the Border

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Mexicans are less compelled to come because there are more opportunities in their own country and they have smaller families to support. Central American families have become the new face of undocumented immigration.

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In the first five months of the fiscal year that began in October, the Border Patrol detained , people traveling in families with children, compared with , during all of fiscal A trend toward family migration from Central America that began when Barack Obama was president has endured, after temporarily dipping during Mr.

Many Central Americans live in fear.

Arriving migrants report that they have faced extortion, and want to prevent their children from being recruited by street gangs. But murder rates in the Northern Triangle countries have been declining in recent years, and economic imperatives are believed to be the most important push factor for the majority of recent arrivals.

As Immigrants Are Packed Into Encampments, Border Patrol Struggles With Overcrowding

More than 90 percent of the most recent migrants are from Guatemala , according to the newly released data. The majority hail from impoverished regions, including the Western highlands, where conflicts over land rights, environmental changes and depressed prices for crops like maize and coffee are undermining the ability of farmers to make a living. Migrants generally lack understanding of United States immigration law.

But they appear to be informed about the basics. The majority know to request asylum at the border, either at an official port of entry or when they surrender to border agents shortly after sneaking into the country from Mexico.

Crossing the border

They know that they are unlikely to remain detained if they travel with a child and that they have a better shot at fending off deportation when they come with a child. By law, the government cannot keep migrant families in holding facilities at the border for more than 72 hours. It must either transfer them to an immigration detention facility suitable for children or release them. The government has been letting thousands of detained migrants go free each week because it lacks enough beds to hold them in family detention facilities.

The largest share of migrants arrive in Texas, but there appears to be a growing number who are entering through remote areas of Arizona and New Mexico.

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  5. In the spring of , the Trump administration tried to discourage parents from traveling with a child by prosecuting everyone who crossed the border illegally, even those who were traveling with children — a policy known as zero tolerance. This resulted in children being removed from their parents and placed in shelters across the country. The policy drew widespread condemnation, prompting the president to halt the practice in late June. Canadian students are not required to have a student visa. However, they must complete an I application and carry the Form I with them when commuting to Niagara University.

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