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This is further complicated by the fact that the evidentiary record of bilingual interpretations is only in English. Therefore, the bilingual police officers are completely authoring the testimony of non-English proficient suspects. Every person is promised the right to a fair trial, which should extend to fair representation of evidence in court. The guaranteed presence of neutral legal interpreters in police interrogations would greatly help to uphold this promise.

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Problems with Police Officers as Legal Interpreters. Spread the love. Legal interpreters and the police are both integral to the justice system in the US. As a result, police officers sometimes play the role of interpreter. Police Interpreter Issues Tight budgets and time constraints often result in police officers conducting questioning or interrogations without the help of a professional legal interpreting service.

Interpreters and the police: Do interpreters need to know interviewing techniques?

Police Interpreters May Yield False Convictions The language barrier between police officer and suspect sometimes creates false convictions; e. Free Interpreting Quote Request a free quote today!

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Feedback from the intervention group on the helpfulness of the information sheet was largely positive. The findings were used to improve the information sheet which can be used to alert interpreters to the importance of rapport in suspect interviews. We are grateful to Professor Sandra Hale for advice on the information sheet for interpreters and to Lars Wicke for research assistance.

Problems with Police Officers as Legal Interpreters - LLS

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Pages Published online: 13 Feb Development of an information sheet providing rapport advice for interpreters in police interviews. Additional information Acknowledgements We are grateful to Professor Sandra Hale for advice on the information sheet for interpreters and to Lars Wicke for research assistance.

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Sandra Hale et al. Published online: 16 Nov