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Joe McGinnity is part of an elite set of pitchers in Major League history whose career on the mound spanned at least ten seasons and NEVER once included a losing record! History All-Star Game A. Born In:. Died On:. Died In:. Follow BaseballAlmanac.


Tweet TwitterStories. Tweet to BaseballAlmanac. Before McGraw and McGinnity arrived, the previous Giants management had been trying to convert Mathewson into a first baseman. McGinnity taught him how to throw a sinker, showed him how he scouted opposing hitters, and gave him tips on fielding the pitching position. Mathewson also observed how McGinnity paced himself and made sure he had something left for tight spots.

The Giants won NL pennants in and , but it is the season for which McGinnity is most remembered.

NINE: A Journal of Baseball History and Culture

He started 48 games and worked innings — both modern-day NL records — and in August became a veritable one-man pitching staff. On August 1 against the Boston Braves, he pitched and won both games of a doubleheader, and , allowing just six hits in each game.

Joe McGinnity

He did it again a week later against Brooklyn and finished out the month on August 31 by again pitching and winning two games in the same day against Philadelphia. A slow ball and a few good curves — that was all I had.

But I guess it was enough. McGinnity won 35 and Mathewson won 33, with Dummy Taylor adding another 21 wins for a team that clinched the NL pennant with 16 games remaining in the season. He opened the season with a game winning streak and ended it by winning 12 of his last 13 games.

Along the way, there were nine shutouts and 38 complete games. His final earned-run average was 1. The World Series had been established the previous year with Pittsburgh playing the Boston Americans. Brush were still at odds with Ban Johnson, and they refused to play Boston in a postseason series. But in , after winning another pennant, the Giants finally agreed to play the Philadelphia Athletics in the World Series.

They won it in five games, and Mathewson was the hero, hurling shutouts in Games One, Three, and Five. Philadelphia did not score an earned run in any of the five games. McGinnity won 27 games in and was in , but it was apparent that his skills were beginning to decline.

Iron Man McGinnity – McFarland

He was only a part-time starter while going in , although he was involved in one last classic moment when the Giants played the Cubs in an important game late in the season. As Cubs second baseman Johnny Evers tried to get his outfielders to throw him the ball for a force-out at second that would negate the run, McGinnity, who was coaching third base for the Giants, intervened.

There are dozens of conflicting accounts of what actually happened, but all of them have McGinnity wrestling with various Cubs players to get possession of the ball and trying to throw it into the left-field seats. In the end, Merkle was called out and the game was ruled a tie. When the Cubs and Giants ended up tied for the pennant, they had to play a special playoff game at the Polo Grounds. He gained his release from the Giants the following February and embarked on what would be a long and meandering voyage through the minor leagues as a player, manager, and owner.

He and childhood friend H. Clay Smith started by purchasing the Newark team in the Eastern League.

Iron Man McGinnity

McGinnity took on the unlikely dual role of team president and star pitcher. He pitched more than innings for Newark in both and , winning 59 games in the two seasons combined. He did not pitch as well in and , however, and the team began to flounder financially as well. Over the next six years, he owned and pitched for a string of teams in the Pacific Northwest in Tacoma, Butte, Great Falls, and Vancouver.

He pitched well at times but his franchises almost always ended up falling on hard times financially, prompting another move. After all those years of moving around the country, McGinnity welcomed an offer in from the A. Staley Company back in Decatur. The Staley Fellowship Club was beginning to form sports teams to be affiliated with its massive corn starch manufacturing operation; it hired McGinnity to head up its baseball team.

Within a few years, the football team originally known as the Decatur Staleys evolved into the Chicago Bears. He eventually was lured back into minor-league baseball by a team in Danville, Illinois. He still felt the urge to pitch and although he admitted his legs sometimes felt a bit wobbly, he thought his arm was as lively as ever. I am able to take my regular turn on the mound and I expect to do that for many years yet.

Baseball is too fine a game to give up, ever.

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He enjoyed one last glorious season as the player-manager with Dubuque in , going as a pitcher while managing the team to the Mississippi Valley League championship. After years of being criticized for his overbearing managerial style, in which he often fined players for the smallest indiscretions, he finally was vindicated with a pennant.

That is the reason why he pulled over a pennant in with a club that hardly could be rated as the best all-around club in the league. My dad is a relative of Joe. We have a ring that was given to Joe i Does any existing family mamber or friend have any other knowledge of this?

Joe McGinnity

I'm excited to find this page! Leon S. We might even make him an honorary Nutley Colonel for the day. Thanks for hosting this Facebook page for a truly incredible player.

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