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While physical threats are normally attributed to an armed intruder or hostage taker, this however does not have to be the case. Physical threats may come in the form of any individual or group of individuals, with or without any type of weapon, having the intent to cause injury. Physical threats may be a result of workplace violence, domestic violence, protest, demonstration, a criminal act occurring near a facility, a law enforcement attempted apprehension near the facility, etc.

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Lockdown procedures may assist in addressing physical threats from any of these causes. A number of City facilities already have lockdown procedures in place. These procedures are typically incorporated into the emergency plans for the facility. The following information with respect to types of lockdowns and recommended content for procedures is intended to assist divisions whose workplace violence hazard assessment identifies the need for such procedures.

This type of lockdown is normally referred to when an environmental threat is present outside and it is not possible or advisable to evacuate the facility.

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This type of action is normally in response to an air contaminant and involves keeping the air contaminates outside the building and keeping persons from unnecessarily putting themselves in medical danger. This type of lockdown is used when the physical threat is already in the facility and measures need to be enacted to:.

These guidelines are not intended to be all inclusive or to be used at all sites, as written, as it is recognized that each site is unique and requires individualized procedures.

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These protocols are however provided as a framework to help guide the creation of site specific procedures, where required. One of the most important actions that must take place in any potential lockdown situation is to ensure the Police have been contacted. This action in addition to information regarding expected activities during the response from Police, Fire and EMS should be integrated into any procedures. In the case of external health hazard, where it is not possible or advisable to evacuate the building, the following procedures are recommended:.

When should lock down procedures be developed and implemented? Such risk factors may include: Past occurrences at the facility or similar type of facility Past occurrences at neighboring facilities Proximity of the facility to potentially risk areas schools, courts, etc Advice of the Toronto Police Service When reviewing the need for any emergency procedure consideration should be given to: Whether the type of emergency can be reasonably foreseen; and, If the emergency counter-measures procedures being considered will be useful and practical.

Types of Lockdowns The following information with respect to types of lockdowns and recommended content for procedures is intended to assist divisions whose workplace violence hazard assessment identifies the need for such procedures.


There are generally three types of lockdowns: Shelter-in-Place. This also helps ensure no other organization can purchase a majority share into the company and, therefore, hold larger influence over the entity than the original stakeholders.

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The most common lengths of restriction are 90 or days. Day traders who violate certain regulations may also incur day restrictions.

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This can include failure to hold certain assets for a minimum time period before selling, specifically when dealing with cash accounts. For the purchasing transaction to complete, a traditional waiting period of three days must transpire before the trader can sell the same asset.

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Personal Finance. Financial Advice. Right now there are locks installed in schools across the nation that require teachers to step or reach outside their classrooms to lock their doors during a lockdown situation. The Lock-Down Latch can do this in seconds. There is no need to find keys or leave the classroom, keeping everyone safe.

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The Lock-Down Latch can be retrofitted with existing doors so there is no need to replace door hardware or invest in high tech gadgets. It is a smart, financially sound investment. Working in maintenance at a local school district, Webster installed 1, of a flimsy product the district purchased.