Psychologische Diagnostik (German Edition)

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International Journal of Psychology , 47, Boer, D. The functions of music-listening across cultures: The development of a scale measuring personal, social and cultural functions of music.

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Deutsch, M. Boehnke, U. Boehnke Eds.

Pädagogisch-psychologische Diagnostik

Chinese traditional Characters. Music is a global and also culture-specific phenomenon, We developed music preference scales, which include international and global as well as culture-specific music genres for the following countries:. Music makes the people come together. Social functions of music listening for young people across cultures. Music, identity and musical ethnocentrism of young people in six Asian, Latin-American and Western cultures.

How shared preferences in music create bonds between people: Values as the missing Link. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.

Ferguson, G. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology , 47 , Tekman, H. Values, functions of music, and musical preferences. Cambouropoulos, C. Tsougras, P. Pastiadis Eds. Hanke, K. Blessing or burden? The role of appraisal in the relationship between family rituals and flourishing among adult LGBT individuals.

A short measure that captures Schwartz's four higher order values using 10 items one for each value type. Lindeman, M. Measuring values with the Short Schwartz's Value Survey.

Journal of Personality Assessment, 85, Kemper, M. Psychologische und sozialwissenschaftliche Kurzskalen pp. His research currently focuses on the development of models in item response theory IRT and on globalized intelligence testing. From until he was a member of the Test Board. In he received the Alfred Binet Award of the German Psychological Society DGPs for his lifelong work in the field of computerized psychological assessment; this was followed in by an award in recognition of his services to the Methods and Evaluation section of the DGPs.

Prof. Dr. Boris Egloff | Persönlichkeitspsychologie und Diagnostik

What was the aim behind development of the test? The aim was to implement a contemporary — i. Among the many developments in this field stemming from the Viennese research group headed by Kubinger, Attitudes to Work is the first and the most frequently used test. Ortner, R. Kubinger Hrsg. Bern: Huber.

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What was the greatest challenge in developing your tests? Despite many validation studies with positive results, the problem of questionable generalizability of the test results ultimately arises for all tests used in psychological behavior assessment: to what extent is the particular scenario that has been chosen the content of the selected situation in which the respondent is being asked to demonstrate his behavior representative?

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For what target group was the test developed? For all personality assessment situations in which an alternative to personality questionnaires — which are usually very easy to fake — is sought, in other words in particular in recruitment. What are the special features of the test? A new genre of personality assessment that largely guarantees resistance to coaching. How to you see tests developing in the future?

What aspects of this are you particularly interested in? Adaptive testing.