Servant of the Gods

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I am His servant, and when I am spoken against, God will step forward. If God does not step forward, what use would there be for me to step forward myself?

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Why is there the need to build up my own authority at all? If God is the One who appoints me to be the authority, I should not do anything to establish myself; I should only allow revelation to vindicate me. If I find revelation and supply in others also, it proves that God has not vindicated me. But if God has established me, He will seal up others as a vindication for me. If you are a deputy authority and others dispute this, they are disputing God. If they have any life in them at all, they will experience a closed heaven, and they will bow to you and acknowledge your authority.

I hope that no one would stand up to claim that he is the authority. You should allow time and revelation to vindicate you. Revelation is the best vindication.

Proverbs 26:1

Suppose you say that God has chosen you and that you have revelation and authority. If others oppose and rebel against you, and if they go to God and also receive revelation, it means that God has not vindicated you or backed you up. In that case it would be useless to speak for yourself. Hence, there is no need to build up your own authority.

If God seals up others, it means that He has appointed you to be the authority. God is God; He knows what love is, what light is, what glory is, and what holiness is. God even knows what fear is because He feared for Aaron and Miriam. To God this was a matter to be feared. Unless they were altogether in darkness, ignorance, and senselessness, they should have been afraid.

At this point God stopped. He did not execute His judgment yet, but He departed, His anger burning against them v. God expends much energy to maintain His authority. God would not allow anyone to infringe on His authority.


He did not execute His judgment yet, but He departed, His anger burning against them v. God expends much energy to maintain His authority.

God would not allow anyone to infringe on His authority. As soon as man rebels against His authority, He turns away in wrath. As soon as God left, the cloud was removed from over the tent v. Typically, when the cloud moved on, God moved on, and the tabernacle moved on as well.


But when the cloud moved this time, Miriam became leprous. But on that day, they could not journey on, because rebellion had broken out. When Aaron saw this he was afraid, because he had partaken of this rebellion. Since Miriam had taken the lead in this rebellion, she was the one who became leprous. Moses did not open his mouth. As long as the tabernacle did not communicate any revelation, Moses did not open his mouth. He had learned his lesson. Although he was eloquent, he kept his mouth shut and did not open it until Aaron pleaded for forgiveness.

Those whose hearts and mouths are not bridled are not qualified to be the authority. When Aaron pleaded with Moses, he cried to Jehovah. Before that time, Moses was a bystander.

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There was no murmuring in him. There was no rebuke or criticism in him. When Aaron pleaded with him, he prayed. This is the cross. Here we find that Moses was a person who did not have any personal feeling. When he saw Miriam becoming leprous and Aaron pleading out of fear, he immediately cried to God.

Moses cried to God immediately. Each invocation reduces cooldown of all other spells by 3 seconds. Trigger a lightning strike at your location, stunning enemies around you. You consume sunfire and lightning DoTs to heal and turn immaterial for a short duration. While moving in this state you leave a trail of sunfire.

Each projectile deals AoE damage and burns enemies. Movement speed is decreased while casting. Lightning Incarnate LMB - Vanish and appear at a targeted location as a huge lightning bolt from the sky, inflicting moderate damage and a long stun on enemies. Living Sun RMB - Transform into the sun and dash forward in a straight line, inflicting massive damage to all enemies in line, leaving a trail of blazing fire. Lightning Ring LMB - Release a wave of lightning that expands and contracts back to you, dealing greater damage to farther targets and slowing all enemies.