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Haha, it seems to make people come up with a lot of stories for it, that's for sure. Those are some nifty ideas! I'm glad you think it's worth some extra time. When I get a little more practice, I'd love to fill out this world a little more for sure. I have some side projects I'd like to get through first though. Goodluck with your other projects! Do upload even minor stuff to scraps if you can, that's what It's for. Would be great to see any progress whatsoever.

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I Was Shackled by Unforgiveness

Views 3, Favourites who? Hide Media Preview Submit Comment. Add Media. Style Skin:. The spirit began to move at the tables and over and over our table leaders and assistants began to have little prayer meetings and ministry movements all over.

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After our special dinner and dessert when the residents realized that more than a dozen ladies gave up their Saturday night just to come and serve them the room became a little more solemn. And then it happened, musician and pastor Jason Sparks began to play and sing and as he did the REC team and residents began to inch closer to the performer and the Holy Spirit took over. He began to sing and preach and unprovoked we all stood and worshiped to the point where the room and its congregation stirred dust from the ceiling and it began to fall like an early spring snow.

Glory, hallelujah and Jesus was shouted over and over again and we realized it and the residents realized it; we had just had an encounter with the resurrected Christ right here in the Floyd County Jail.

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The joy in the room was palpable on Sunday and as we finished the REC, shared communion in the chapel the theme from Saturday continued into Sunday, God is a God who saves and he rescued me. The Holy Spirit moved again in the chapel and as residents and team members stood and shared what this weekend meant to them we closed with our theme song, prayer and Amazing Grace My Chains are Gone.

It got so loud as we all sang the Jail officers peeped into to see what we were doing. In a funny postscript to our stretch in jail, Dave Ledger our spiritual director spent his time ministering with the only former Midtown resident in the REC this weekend. In those conversations this young man kept trying to understand why we would pay money to come into the jail and do all of this for them? This pain was just like shackles that always kept me tightly bound, making me utterly miserable.

At that time, I realized the reason for my sorrow; it was because I was too enamored with myself, that I was always living just for myself. I would frequently feel distressed and in pain from a few unpleasant words or from a sidelong glance from another person.

When I was dealt with and pruned, I felt sad and upset, because my dignity was injured and I felt I had lost face. I was worried about my future path in life. It was only after really delving into these manifestations of mine that I realized—all of this was because I cared too much about my own reputation, status, and vanity, and because I placed too much importance on my own personal benefit. This really hit the nail on the head. I was often constrained by some trivial matters and I could not release myself from it.

It turns out, all of that was the result of being controlled and bound by Satan; it was all an affliction of Satan. Living in the correct state is the precondition for escaping from the influence of darkness. Not having the correct state means that you are not loyal to God and that you do not have the eagerness to seek the truth. Then, escaping from the influence of darkness is out of the question. After reading this, I felt my heart brightened. Satan was using all of these things, these satanic poisons, to afflict me so that I became mired in fleshly benefit and was entangled in all sorts of selfish desires.

In spite of my faith, I was still struggling and running around for the sake of the flesh. I did not have the resolve to pursue, to seek the truth.

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I was not devoted to God. If I did not change course, I would continue to live under the domain of Satan and grow farther and farther from God. In the end, Satan would swallow me whole.

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When obtaining the work of the Holy Spirit the corruption within mankind can undergo a transformation alongside their entry into the truth. This is the way of the work of the Holy Spirit. But I had ignored this aspect, only passively trying to deal with my corrupt disposition with my own perseverance, and by relying on human methods, not proactively relying on the words of God and the work of the Holy Spirit to cleanse and change myself.

No wonder I had not resolved this condition from its root.

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  7. This is the path by which the Holy Spirit does His work. If you do not understand this, it will be impossible for you to enter onto the right track, and being perfected by God will be out of the question. Is this not a mistake in your experiencing? After understanding this, I began to consciously practice according to this path. When I encounter an issue I consciously put the truth into practice and forsake my own incorrect motives and perspectives. When some incorrect ideas come to the fore, I quickly pray to God and seek the truth so that I am able to live in the right condition.

    Not only have I been able to see my own corruption and deficiencies, but I have had the determination of longing to change soon and the motivation to practice the truth.