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David Kerr, who directed every episode of series one and Russell T.

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The farce is anchored by Rory Kinnear as identical twins Gus and Rico. The whole cast is a riot, with special mention for Marcia Warren as Robert's bumbling, senescent mother, the real clown of the episode. An element often easy to overlook in TV comedy, the music, is also worthy of particular praise. Wasn't the man supposed to be a genius? Unsettling, often. Dard goes along on a scouting expedition.

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The explorers find the remains of a road, which leads to a war-wrecked, abandoned city. While travelling in their rocket sled, they barely survive being shot down by decrepit, automated anti-aircraft guns. The sled can barely fly, so some of the explorers have to walk back. When they return, they find a thriving settlement.

Soon afterwards, Dessie protects a "sea baby" from small flying "dragons". It turns out that the creature is intelligent. Its parents appear out of the ocean and retrieve their offspring. Seeing that the humans are friendly, their tribe or clan is soon trading goods and information. They are telepathic and can communicate with the newcomers if they hold hands. They reveal that they were once the slaves of the species that built the city. They escaped when the Others warred with each other.

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Now there are none of the Others left on the continent, but they still live across the sea. Reviewer Groff Conklin praised the novel as a "genuinely exciting adventure," but faulted it for "an entirely unwarranted amount of cruelty and almost sadistically contrived bloodshed. Schuyler Miller described the novel as "a stirring adventure story in the good old mold, but told with thoroughly modern deftness and smoothness. The book was also reviewed by Kirkus Reviews August 1, issue , which called it "a graphic picture of a hard won trial at new life in another planetary system" and "Thoughtful.

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First edition. Retrieved February 3, Kirkus Reviews. I often think it might be useful for the current UK Government to watch this film, which handily and accessibly explains the financial crisis. Split into five parts, director Charles Ferguson expertly sorts out the pieces of the puzzle to show just what went wrong, how it wrong, and why it went wrong.

From the insane deregulation of Icelandic banks, to the investment banks borrowing hugely against their assets, and the fuelling of the the subprime mortgage market, the seeds of destruction and what they reaped is laid clearly out. But the kicker is really in just how those responsible walked away with their fortunes intact - almost as if the entire crisis had been planned to defraud the ordinary Joe.

Girlhood takes the documentary concept of following two lives over several years and crafts something truly special with it. It follows two Baltimore girls, Shanae and Megan, who both go into juvenile detention, and proceeds to examine the system, and the people who try to make it function.

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The system may be broken, but those who try to fix it are by and large truly decent people trying to make a difference. The first and best of two documentaries that Anthony Baxter has made on a similar theme, this one following professional Twitterer Donald Trump's decision to build a luxury golf resort in a wilderness area of Scotland. Baxter certainly takes a side with his film, giving voices to the local residents, whilst also shining a light on authority figures within Scotland who cleared the path for Trump to press ahead with his plans.

The documentary is one that led to Trump labelling Baxter as a man with zero talent. Through archive and interview, How To Survive A Plague is one of those documentaries that reveals another facet of a history you thought you knew, but actually only understand in the broadest sense.

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Ostensibly about the time Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Dock Ellis threw a legendary no-hitter a game where the opposition fail to record a single hit while apparently tripping on LSD, No No: A Dockumentary is far more than a sensationalist tale about drug use in sport. Dock Ellis comes across as an anti-authority figure, whether through wearing curlers in his hair, or tripping on acid during games, but an anti-authority figure with something to say, and far more to prove to his contemporaries.

Proof that documentary often offers as much range for genre innovation if not more than fiction films comes with this masterpiece. He holds three Michelin stars at his Tokyo restaurant. This film is a ode to his quest for perfection, and how he teaches his two middle aged sons to look for the same.

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The shots of sushi being prepared is truly art, as is the finesse with which Jiro watches his customers, making adjustments on how they react to his food. Simple, elegant, and riveting - who knew watching three men create sushi could be so enticing? While a huge amount of credit goes towards events such as the Paralympics, and the accompanying C4 series The Last Leg in opening up the subject, for me it began with the success of this film.

The super low budget compliments the lo-fi aesthetic, with the sport of wheelchair rugby proving charming in its rough and ready approach, but above all the film is a huge amount of fun. The story of children competing to win the Scripps National Spelling Bee in the USA could have been a horrendous look at pushy parents and their over-achieving brats. That it is instead a riveting and hugely enjoyable story is fully down to the charming and eccentric kids who demand your attention as they are put through intense pressure to spell on stage.

It acts as a portrait of a nation obsessed with competition, and rising above any class or ethnic barriers to succeed. Marking Mike Myers directorial debut, this is a unashamedly entertaining film about talent manager Shep Gordon, who due to his all-round excellent personality managed to become the manager of Alice Cooper shortly after moving to Hollywood. View the discussion thread. Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter.